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Why IT outsourcing companies in the USA hire teams from Ukraine

All businesses striving to develop excellent products need to have access to top-level technical expertise. However, hiring such software engineers at IT hubs like Silicon Valley, Boston, San Francisco or New York can be quite a costly endeavor. This is why most startups prefer to outsource their IT operations to reliable companies in the USA. However, many such teams are actually outsourcing their IT projects to teams from Ukraine — and explains why.

The main reason behind the decision to outsource is very simple — it is always about money. Software development is quite expensive, and the costs of the team wages form quite a large share of the budget. However, hiring cheaper specialists in-house means working full-time with less talented and experienced professionals, which can compromise the quality of the product. 

In addition, time is of the essence for the startups, as they have to deliver their products or services quickly to respond to the ever-changing market conditions and quickly evolving customer expectations. Therefore, startups cannot afford to waste time developing something to find out later that some architectural flaw renders their product useless. Everything must be accounted for in advance, which is hard if you don’t have the required expertise on hand. This is why startups have to think about obtaining and retaining the needed technical expertise before writing the first line of code. 

But hiring the needed experts of the highest level can be an endeavor consuming too much time recruiting them and making individual talents a part of a cohesive team — especially in startup hubs, where such specialists always have a ton of offers. Besides, should your employees decide to move to greener pastures, you risk suffering a halt or a total breakdown of your project. 

Quite the contrary, IT outsourcing companies USA-based market offers its customers instant access to large pool of skilled software engineers that will work for them on a per-project basis. While hiring these talents in-house can be too expensive and they might be located too far from your startup’s offer, you can utilize them as a remote R&D team. This way, you save a ton of time and money (and nerves, by avoiding possible mistakes) while ensuring your product is delivered timely and without blunders.

However, while various US companies are looking for IT outsourcing services nearshore and work with various US-based IT service providers, many others make the next step and contact the teams directly to reduce the operational overhead and having to deal with intermediaries. Some teams are located in Mexico, some in India, some in Poland, some in Ukraine. Actually, most of Silicon Valley startups (especially the ones founded by Ukrainian and Russian entrepreneurs) prefer to work with IT outsourcing companies from Ukraine — and here is why:

  • Professionalism. It outsourcing market in Ukraine boasts nearly 2 decades of successfully accomplished projects and fields nearly 200.000 software engineers of varying seniority. Whichever technology stack and skill level your project requires — you are sure to find it in Ukraine.
  • Ease of communication. IT outsourcing teams from Ukraine are comprised of professionals with at least Intermediate English, and many teams have colloquial written and spoken English fluency, greatly lowering the risk of miscommunication.
  • Time zone overlap. The Ukrainian time zone is GMT+2, which means it overlaps with work hours literally everywhere in the US to some degree. This means your team is always in touch and the tasks are done overnight in most cases.
  • Cultural fit. Ukraine is a Christian and Westernized country, meaning our religious calendar coincides with the US holidays quite well. This means your team works when you work and rests when you rest, unlike the need to wait for multiple Hindu or Muslim festivities.

Thus said, hiring a company from Ukraine is a failproof way to save time and money for a startup that wants to achieve its business goals in time and under budget.