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Real estate investment in Mallorca

Mallorca is becoming more and more known to the world. In the northern part of the island of Mallorca, you can see how the landscape of the mountain range fits perfectly into the history of mankind. In this part of Mallorca, great restoration work has been carried out to restore old stone walls, paths, mountain huts, as well as various hydraulic structures, water mills, farms. Mallorca, in light of the new recognition of World Heritage, this island is considered a traditional place for holidaymakers from around the world, as well as investors who are interested in resort real estate in Spain. Thanks to this factor, the number of tourists will increase here, which will encourage higher property prices.

Real estate investment in Spain

Investment in real estate in Spain: Particularly high activity was the construction industry – in the period from a year before the crisis in Spain has delivered more real estate than in Western Europe. Particular attention was paid to the resort coast of Spain. Purchase of real estate in the resort areas of the Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Murcia was considered an obligatory investment of European investors. The global financial crisis has caused serious damage to construction projects on the coast of Spain, the price of real estate for the period fell by almost half, but now in Spain has begun some recovery and growth of real estate investment.

Today, real estate investment in Spain is very popular among foreign investors. Real estate in Spain is becoming increasingly popular due to its developed infrastructure, stunning nature, rich historical heritage of the country. Each region of Spain is famous for its identity. The population of Mallorca in recent years has increased significantly. A year there are about 6 million tourists, but an increasing number of tourists are thinking about buying real estate in Mallorca, and many of them are doing their best.

Prices and dynamics of their changes may decrease or increase depending on the type of apartments, the region in which a property in Spain. Mallorca is one of the places where the price of housing is steadily rising. Investors from different countries have loved this island as a reliable investment object.

Buying property in Mallorca

Mallorca real estate is presented in the same segments as mainland Spain. But the charm and charm of this island, adds to the owners of real estate in Mallorca absolutely unique set of emotions from living here. In addition, it is believed that a healthy climate provides residents with the highest life expectancy of all Spaniards. Prices for apartments and villas in Mallorca – the largest island in the Balearic archipelago – are steadily increasing and there are several reasons for this. This ratio is higher than anywhere else in Spain and greatly increases the demand for non-commercial mallorca property. Secondly, the great tourist attractiveness of the island contributes to the rise in prices for commercial real estate.

In their villas in Mallorca rest members of the Spanish Royal Family, many famous people and movie stars. Annually, more than six million tourists pass through the airport of Mallorca. Thanks to the wonderful mild climate, there is no exhausting heat. Palma, Mallorca’s vibrant cultural life, with its boutiques, architecture, art galleries and carnivals, is surrounded by olive and lemon plantations, picturesque bays and limestone hills of the island’s northwestern plains, which are highly regarded by eco-tourists and hikers.