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Jeff Prescott Blasts Kate Gosselin For Denying They Were a Serious Couple

Millionaire philanthropist Jeff Prescott recently slammed his ex-girlfriend, Kate Plus Date star Kate Gosselin, for denying that they were ever in a serious relationship. The TV star previously claimed the two never dated while speaking to her followers on Instagram Stories.

Kate originally appeared in the Discovery Health show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which ran from 2007 to 2017 and followed the lives of Jon and Kate and their eight children, which included a set of sextuplets and a set of twins. Viewers watched as their marriage quickly fell apart and their relationship ended in a bitter divorce in 2009 after 10 years of marriage. Since then, Jon has tried to stay out of the spotlight, while Kate continued on with the series, renamed Kate Plus 8. In the years since, she’s developed a negative image in the press, being painted as a bad mom and difficult to work with. Now, the TV personality has her own spinoff, which many see as a way to rehabilitate her image.

Ahead of the premiere of Kate’s new show, Kate Plus Date, which will focus on her dating life as a single mom of eight, the famous mom claimed she hadn’t been in a relationship with anyone since her divorce from her ex-husband Jon. Despite rumors that she dated Prescott, she told her followers earlier this month, “I didn’t date him.” But now her alleged ex-boyfriend, Prescott, is calling her out for lying. He told RadarOnline that it was very serious, saying, “We were talking about our future together.” It was allegedly so serious, in fact, that Prescott claims he signed on to film Kate Plus 8 as the star’s boyfriend in 2015.

RadarOnline obtained proof of Prescott’s story via emails from Gosselin to him about filming the reality TV show, plus a production contract she asked him to sign. He went on to blast her to the website, saying “She can say she didn’t date me, but how do you qualify that if I was supposed to be on her show as her boyfriend?” Fans never saw Prescott’s TV debut because days before he was scheduled to film in August 2018, he ended his relationship with Kate. Prescott said, “I texted her and said, ‘I can’t do this.'” At the time, rumors about the couple had been running rampant, and their public relationship had already become too much for the philanthropist. He continued about his time with Kate, saying, “My family was exposed to it, people were flooding my LinkedIn. It was too much for me.”

Some people suspect Kate might be lying about never dating anyone seriously since her divorce from Jon in order to drum up more press for her new show. According to a sneak peek of the upcoming series, it’ll be a painfully awkward look at Kate’s dating life. While Kate might have had a serious relationship with Prescott, it still sounds like she’s had a hard time opening up since her bitter split from Jon. Fans might get to see her open up on the new show, but she’ll always make sure to keep her children – 15-year-old sextuplets and 18-year-old twins – in mind. Also, during an appearance on The Jenny McCarthy Show recently, Kate said a lot of her potential suitors on Kate Plus Date were surprised she wasn’t as harsh as expected, so this new series could show fans an entirely new side of the famous TV mom.

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